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Kingdom Tree Care Is Your Top Provider of Tree Care Services in Fort Worth, Texas

You can trust the professionals at Kingdom Tree Care for all of your tree trimming and removal needs. We specialize in residential or commercial tree care services, with our team available to take care of any size job!

"Their clean up is so thorough that you can’t tell anyone has been working in your yard. We highly recommend."

Kristine L.
Five Star Google Review

Who We Are at Kingdom Tree Care

Kingdom Tree Care Provide Quality Tree Removal & Tree Trimming Services in Forth Worth, Texas

Kingdom Tree Care is the safest, most reliable company you’ll ever hope to work with. We have been providing high quality service for years and our team of experts are always available on short notice!

No job too big or small at this household-friendly business—just give us a call today if your trees need trimming in Fort Worth.

With a team of pros for all your tree trimming and removal needs, you’ll never have worry about the job being done right ever again. We specialize in residential or commercial jobs with our expert service team available at any time, just give us a call today!

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Kingdom Tree Care Testimonials

Very respectable owner of his own business does exceptional work, great loyal working ethic and also wastes no time to get the job done for the owners to return back to regular routine. Nothing was disrupted everything was great. Two thumbs up guys. Respectfully moved property so it wouldn’t get broken while getting the job done and then respectively put it back just as beautiful. I fully recommend this business.

Chelsea E.

I give Kingdom Tree Care 5 stars. It is a business with class from the initial contact until work was completed. Brandon always returned my calls as he promised. Quick turn around on the quote. Even started and finished each day on time. Him and his crew were the hardest most dependable workers I’ve seen in the business with all the necessary equipment to do the job thorough and proper.

Rick H.

Came out to take down a dead tree from our front yard. Tree was incredibly tall. Took it down in a little over an hour and even cleaned up the sticks and brush from our yard. Highly recommend!

Chase D.

Brandon and his crew trimmed and removed over 30 trees for me. He did an incredible job and was professional but personable at the same time. I would recommend his service to anyone looking to have tree work done.

Nathan B.

Extremely efficient and very knowledgeable. Friendly, courteous and safety conscious. During the project they confirm with you several times in regards to your satisfaction with what they have done. Their clean up is so thorough that you can’t tell anyone has been working in your yard. We highly recommend.

Kristine L.

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